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Women’s Summer Sandal Podiatrist Recommendations

I was at The Bay in downtown Vancouver and shot a video of what to look for when buying Women’s summer sandals.

Here are some higher-end options I found while at Nordstrom in Vancouver.

Support Stockings and Summer

Support Stockings and Sandals

A frequent complaint I hear from some of my patients is that because they wear support (compression) stockings, they can’t wear sandals in the summer. There is, however a way around this problem. Some support stockings are open in the toe. These can be worn with a peep toed shoe. You get the look of a summer shoe and still hide the stockings! Some examples are toe 1open toe 2open toe 3

How to Make Your Sandal Perfect!

So, you can’t find your perfect sandal….don’t sweat it. There are may shoes out there that can, with a bit of magic (also known as the help of a good shoe repair shop) be made into something very workable. The easiest starting point is a flat or gladiator sandal. These always look like they’re going to be comfortable and then you try to spend the day walking in them and find out otherwise.

There are generally two problems with flat sandals that can be easily remedied. The first is the heel height. If you remember from earlier posts, flats cause an accentuation of pronation motion. I generally suggest a ¾ inch heel elevation relative to forefoot. This can be done by adding the necessary amount to the existing heel of a traditional sandal or by adding a wedge to a gladiator style flat. Something to keep in mind when adding a heel , try bending the sandal first to see if it is flexible enough to accommodate the extra height. It is far easier to add to the heel than to subtract. (When you subtract heel, you are likely to upset the balance of the shoe).

The next issue is actually ridiculously simple to remedy. Most flat sandals (and other flat shoes in general) don’t have any support in the arch. An arch pad (also known as an arch cookie…so cute, right!) can be purchased from most good shoe repair shops and added to the instep. If your sandal straps are in the right place (see previous general sandal blog), no one will ever know the pad is there.

I am including a couple of examples. The black sandal is by Michael Kors and was purchased at Browns shoe store. A half inch was added to the heel which originally measured ¼ inch. Also, a leather and sponge arch pad was added. The shoe work was done at The Quick Cobbler in Vancouver.

The second shoe was done a couple of years ago so I can’t remember where I purchased it. A ¾ inch wedge heel was added as well as an arch pad to make it very wearable. The shoe was originally completely flat.

green sandal

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