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A multifaceted approach to Vancouver toenail fungus treatment

There is no clear answer to the best way to treat fungal nail infection. There are many things to take into consideration such as state of health, potential interactions with other medications, type and extent of fungal infection and personal preferences. What is clear is that fungus is difficult to treat when it is in the nail. The best chance of success is achieved with a multifaceted approach of oral medication, topical medication and laser treatment.

A combination of three treatments are available: laser treatment, oral drug treatment and topical cream treatment

Half of suspected fungus infections are not fungus infections so accurate diagnosis is crucial. Once toenail fungus has been accurately diagnosed through both a visual and lab test, a combination of three treatments are available: laser treatment, oral drug treatment and topical cream treatment. However, certain treatments are not advised due to existing medical conditions.

A Word About Sandals

Ahhh…the elusive comfortable summer sandal…You know the one…It’s cute and you can wear it all day long and not be dying to take them off at the end of the day! Sandals can be difficult so I’ll be breaking this subject into categories. Firstly, what are the elements of a good summer sandal, the everyday variety?
Heel height is a big issue. Look for something in around the ½ to 1 inch heel height. Flat shoes accentuate abnormal pronation (beware my flat footed friends!) and can put undue strain on the Achilles tendon for those with rigid high arches. Often, they are poorly padded.
The next thing you need to look at is where the straps are. You should have a fairly substantial strap over the instep (or several narrower ones) as well as some form of backing. The more flexible (flatfoot) the foot, the more important this element becomes. Watch straps over bony prominences. I will address how to fix the nasty strap in the wrong place in a later post (How to Make Your Sandals Perfect).
If you require some arch support and the sandal is lacking in this department, you can always purchase an arch pad (often referred to as an arch cookie) from a shoe repair and attach it to the sandal. The straps around the arch should hide it!
Some examples:
sandal 1

sandal 2

sandal 3


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