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Galibelle Shoes – Endless Possibilities

I was recently in Kelowna, B.C. for my daughter’s dance competition. For those of you who are not “dance moms”, it leaves you with a lot of waiting around time! What better way to spend that time then shoe shopping? I found an interesting sandal shop in downtown Kelowna called Galibelle. The shoes are both designed

The Little White Sneaker

Finally…..Spring!!! This is the perfect time to shop for…the little white sneaker. To help you along, I’ve tried on a bunch and will provide a little guidance on fit. Things to keep in mind when purchasing this style of shoe: Toe box, heel cup depth/rigidity, cushioning, arch support and heel height. Generally, they will all be

Sneaker Boot Review

Sneaker Boots Sneaker boots, hybrids between sneakers and boots appear to be an emerging trend. Some look like the old high top sneakers but there are also many newer, fashion-forward styles. They seem to be a reasonable option for those who are reluctant to give up the comfort of a sneaker for a trendier look. I

Buying Pumps Part 4 A Trip To Nordstroms

Vince Camuto – Jaynita 3” spike heel Fairly soft leather. Heel grip is adequate. Soft under the ball of foot. Overall a generally good fit and recommended if you like a spike heel. I felt a bit unstable. Fits big.   Ted Baker – Vyixyn 3” spike heel Ouch! Leather is hard and no

How To Make Frye Boots More Comfortable

I love Frye boots! They’re sturdy, well made and generally very comfortable…except for at the back of the heel. Frye boots are designed for riding horses, not walking in the mall so there is some slippage in the heel area. This does not apply to all Frye boots, but generally to all of the standard

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