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I was recently in Kelowna, B.C. for my daughter’s dance competition. For those of you who are not “dance moms”, it leaves you with a lot of waiting around time! What better way to spend that time then shoe shopping? I found an interesting sandal shop in downtown Kelowna called Galibelle. The shoes are both designed and made in Brazil. The way they work is….you have 14 choices of sole styles, sized from 4 – 11. All the straps are interchangeable and are sized from small to extra large. As you can imagine, this leaves you with endless possibilities to accommodate heel heights as well as lumps and bumps like bunions and hammer toes. There are some great platform choices for those with stiff big toe joints. My only small complaint is that all of the uppers are vegan. I wish there were some leather options. Regardless, this shop is well worth checking out. 



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