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Verrucae Plantaris, or warts on the plantar surface (bottom) of the foot, are some of the most difficult and frustrating infections to get rid of. Treatment is complicated by the thickness of the skin on the bottom of the foot and the fact that you must continue to walk on them. The Human Papilloma Virus, which causes the infection, is relatively contagious and can be transmitted by close human contact, objects and surfaces.

Why treat warts? The virus releases particles, which can not only further infect the host, but also spread to others. Furthermore, when they exist on the bottom of the foot, they can be quite painful with every step.

What treatments are available? While over the counter products and liquid nitrogen maybe effective on some warts, they often have little effect due to the depth of the plantar skin. For years, I have used Canthrone (Blister Beetle venom) with relatively good success. However, it often takes weekly treatments which are uncomfortable and require up to several months or more to clear the infection, depending on the extent of involvement.

Now, thanks to the Cutera Genesis Plus, we have a more rapid and effective form of treatment with reduced overall discomfort and inconvenience. The Cutera Genesis Plus platform was designed specifically to treat not only fungal nails but warts as well. The wavelength of light emitted by the laser is absorbed by the wart and converted into thermal energy, thereby destroying the lesion.

Our protocols for Laser Wart Treatment are based on a study using the Genesis Plus Laser. In the study, the 3 treatments were staged one month apart with the majority of patients achieving complete clearance within the first two to three sessions (66 to 79%). Subsequent treatments increased the clearance rate of the remaining participants.

If you are interested in more information regarding the most advanced treatment for verrucae, please call our office.



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