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I love Frye boots! They’re sturdy, well made and generally very comfortable…except for at the back of the heel. Frye boots are designed for riding horses, not walking in the mall so there is some slippage in the heel area. This does not apply to all Frye boots, but generally to all of the standard styles. This pistoning up and down of the heel in the boot can lead to chafing, blistering and PAIN!

A simple way to avoid this problem is by using a gel pad. My favourite ones are visco-gel scar management sheets. These are 2 1/2” X 3” sheets of clear silicone gel. I cut these in half and place them on the back of my heel right against the skin in the area of friction. I can just pull on my socks and Frye boot and off I go.

You can use this technique to protect most areas of your feet from friction. If you prefer something with a fabric backing on the outside, you might want to try visco-gel moleskin in the same 2 1/2” X 3” size. Just a final note…save the backing because both of these pads are washable and reusable.

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