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Fortunately, this shoe has not changed a bit since last season! The heel is solid, well placed and stable. It measures 3 ½ “ at the back, but has a 1” platform at the front to give an overall heel height of 2 ½”…so it just squeaks into the wearable heel height category. The upper is a soft leather with no stitching so there will be some give to accommodate lumps and bumps. It hugs quite high onto the foot so it works quite well whether you have a flat foot or a high arch. My friend and I both tried this one on and fell in lust. I found this gem at Gravitypope in Vancouver and it retails for $255. It did not go on sale at the end of last season. (I did patiently try to wait it out!)

If you’re looking for a “go to” black pump, this is your baby!

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