Shoe Adventures in New Orleans

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Shoe Adventures in New Orleans

I was at a conference in New Orleans recently and couldn’t resist a little shoe shopping. (Window shopping…my husband will be glad to know!) I stumbled across a really fun shoe store in the French Quarter call ShoeBeeDo. They had a couple of interesting brands which I had not come across before.

United Nude is a shoe company out of Amsterdam. Above are some examples. In general, the shoes are well thought out and structurally sound. There are many with heel heights just below 2 1/2 “ (my happy zone). Many have enough coverage of the instep that you could add an arch pad or a slim orthotic if necessary. They make both leather and vegan options in the same styles.

The Zink Pump Mid was one of my favourites!

The other interesting one I found was by Julian Hakes of London , architect and shoe designer. These crazy pumps are made of carbon fibre and lined with polyurethane. I tried them on for sport and was surprised. They weren’t as uncomfortable as I expected. Actually, the heel felt comfortable and stable. However, my rigid high arched foot did not do well against the rigid upper. I think a neutral foot might be able to pull these off! I did have to size down a bit in these (1/2 to 1 full size).

If you’re in New Orleans, ShoeBeeDo is well worth a visit.


United Nude

Julian Hakes
available at ShoeBeeDo or on Amazon

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