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Do you wonder why some warts are so difficult to get rid of? Well, much like a cold, a wart is caused by a virus and we’re not very good a killing viral infections! With 100 or more strains of HPV (human papilloma virus) known, it’s difficult to pin down what the best treatment would be. If left alone, about 50% will spontaneously disappear within two years, but what do you do in the meantime? What if they spread or simply just persist?


Garlic: Garlic contains allicin (the stuff that makes garlic stinky). This compound heats up the tissue causing a mild burn followed by a blister. It is thought that garlic has some antiviral properties. You would tape a slice of garlic to the wart daily.

Banana Peel: Banana peel has a lot of potassium. It’s thought that the high potassium content burns the skin progressively peeling away the wart infested tissue. Take the banana peel with the fleshy side to the skin daily.

Vinegar: Vinegar may be slightly virocidal. Vinegar burns the skin causing the infected tissue to fall away. It is also thought that the local irritation stimulates the immune system to help fight the viral infection. Apply vinegar to a cotton ball and tape to wart.

Duct Tape: (The silver type) Duct tape likely causes local irritation with activates your immune system to help fight the infection. It will also macerate the tissue making it easier to remove.

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Cimetidine: H2 receptor blocker. It affects histamine receptors on cells in the immune system, helpig them fight the HPV infection.

Imiquimod is a toical immunomodulator. It helps stimulate the immune system to fight the HPV infection.

Duct tape: The silver, rubber based is best. This creates local skin irritation to stimulate an immune response.

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